Brian Kirhagis 

aka “BK The Artist”

is an internationally renowned painter whose unmistakably unique work and strikingly original concepts are laced with socially conscious messages. These qualities combined with unparalleled consistency and production have elevated BK into one of the art world’s brightest stars.

Inspired by the human experience and armed with an uncanny ability to make the viewer feel and see art, he deftly sifts through an impressive range of substance matter utilizing several distinct styles. Brian’s signature technique of weaving together double images and hidden elements using shape and color allow him to tell a story on canvas with paint. The viewer’s mind deciphers several layers while simultaneously following a broader narrative within the same piece.

BK is fearless and brazen in his approach; often tackling the most complicated aspects of our society with equally complex compositions. His voice and perspective on current events and social issues are a vital part of today’s lexicon as he has become widely regarded as one of the leaders of his generation.

In an oversaturated landscape Brian Kirhagis shines as the rare package of talent and substance. From humble beginnings in Baltimore, this self-taught artist’s rise from obscurity has inspired a rapidly increasing fan base, garnered critical acclaim, and attracted celebrity and top flight collectors from around the world. 


“They say that the human mind is capable of incredible things; That through our thoughts, we can manifest our own reality.”

This concept has always struck a chord deep within the fibers of my body, and serves as a source of inspiration for my work.

Artists are a rare breed; blessed with a unique talent to formulate our thoughts into images. It with this gift that I attempt to create a collective reality through my paintings; if by providing the image I can help ignite a thought, then maybe our reality can change. 

bk the artist