Purple is For Royalty

Purple is For Royalty (#4) "King"


Purple is For Royalty (#4) "King"

72 X 60” Acrylic on canvas, 2016

Heavy is the crown.
But heavier still Is when he to whom it’s given Gives up and puts it down.
Before you ask the universe To adorn your head with gold Be sure you have the strength To bear the weight you’ll hold.

Purple became the color for royalty because it was a symbol of status and wealth. Tyrian purple dye, aka "Imperial" or "Royal" Purple, came from shellfish in the Bronze Age...and because of its rarity and cost became a favorite of the elite ruling class. But no dye or cloth...or extravagant garment, nor rare Phoenician crustaceans can adorn you with power. Remind yourself...you dress yourself. Your dye comes from your third eye...activate that and stain your thoughts in deep Bronze Age purple from the land of Tyre. Dream in purple haze and rise with purple Inf beams searing out your eyeballs. Think purple...be royal. Find the hue in others. Project your own. And do tell your queen how beautiful her lilac lips are while you sip her merlot mind.  #purpleisforroyalty


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