Acrylic Alchemy

The Pandemic of Systemic Marionettes


The Pandemic of Systemic Marionettes

56” x 62” Acrylic On canvas, 2015

The educational system has been monopolized for the privileged few. Most families struggle with the high costs of tuition and for a growing segment of the population college isn’t even an option. Financial disparity, social class systems, racism, institutionalized segregation, mass incarceration, police brutality and a plethora of other cancers that eat at us as a a people can all be attributed to a lack of education. Furthermore, the actual quality and value in the curriculums for those who are lucky enough to sit in those classrooms is unsatisfactory at best, and completely inaccurate at worst. Ironically this lack of education is at the root of most of our problems historically and we still haven’t figured it out. Knowledge is power, and when power is incubated in the hands of the few, the hands of the masses don’t know what to reach for. Especially when the price tag was designed to keep it out of reach in the first place. You can’t dream when the system lulls you to sleep.

Too many expensive degrees are unemployed and disenfranchised. They are unable to affect any change on the world they paid to play in. The collective mind of the human race can no longer afford to be handcuffed by economics. Far too long we’ve been given one fish a day to fill our stomachs and go to bed satisfied. The time has come for us to teach each other how to fish. In all those ivy league hallways it is still just humans teaching humans. Our voice is free. Therefore the power is with us.

This is an ongoing curriculum focused on elements conveniently absent from our institutions. Use it as an aid to your own application for truth. Textbooks will be provided as paintings filled with pages of concepts designed to be catalysts for constructive dialogue. It seeks to spark the thought that will ignite a flame in future generations. May they use that fire to fuel a revolution. #bkfafsa #thepandemicofsystemicmarionettes


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